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The Ancient Roman City of Itálica

Place: Itálica, Spain
Address: Av. Extremadura, 2, 41970 Santiponce, Sevilla
Price: €1.50
Date: 206 BCE



Located just five miles to the north of Seville (Sevilla) in Spain lies the ancient Roman city of Itálica which sits next to the modern-day city of Santiponce. You can get there by bus (M-170A and M-170B) which stop at Seville-Santiponce. It will drop you off right next to the Archaeological site. If you opt for an Uber, it will cost approximately €14.00 each way.



Brief History

Itálica was the first official Roman city in Hispania, the Roman province of modern-day Iberia. It was founded after Scipio Africanus conquered the Carthaginians in 206 BCE at Battle of Ilipa. At this point, Rome established a base for its military. Over the next several centuries, the city expanded and even became the birth place of several emperors, including Trajan. Most of what remains is the newer portions of the city (known as Novus Urbs) as the original remains are under the modern city of Santipoce. Here, visitors can walk the dirt floor of the amphitheater, pass through ancient Roman gates, and appreciate the mosaics that once adorned aristocratic homes.

(I am summarizing the English translation of a plaque at the entrance to the archaeological site)

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