Home The Puente Romano (Roman Bridge) or Puente Arabe (Arab Bridge)

The Puente Romano (Roman Bridge) or Puente Arabe (Arab Bridge)

Place: Itálica, Spain
Address: Av. Extremadura, 2, 41970 Santiponce, Sevilla
Price: €1.50
Date: Roman (c. 1st century BCE) / Arab (c. 8th century CE)



Located near the base of the gorge in Ronda lies the oldest bridge of the city, the Puente Romano, or as it is also known, the Puente Arabe. This bridge is free to tour and lies just next to the Arab Baths. This bridge is free to visit and well worth a stop if you are already planning to visit the Arab Baths.



Brief History

The bridge has two names because its original base dates to the Roman period, while its upper portions were rebuilt during the period of Moorish rule in the city. This was the original bridge into the city of Ronda from the north side. As visitors crossed the bridge, they would have passed through a series of fortifications, including a city gate and watch tower. Walls protected the city at this lower level. Immediately adjacent to the main road were the Arab Baths which were created to allow visitors to clean themselves physically. Across the road was a mosque so that visitors could cleans themselves spiritually.

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