May 25, 2020

Welcome to The Medieval World Podcast and thank you for visiting. Each Friday, I publish a new episode on something interesting from the Middle Ages. These are usually things I bring out in lectures that I find fun or funny about the medieval world. Each week usually has a theme, i.e. medieval beasts, deaths, jokes, etc. These are typically things you've probably never heard before about the Middle Ages.

In addition to these episodes, please also check out my lectures organized by subject, i.e. Ancient Greece, Rome, Medieval Europe, Charlemagne, etc. I publish these as I complete them so keep checking back for more lectures. In these lecture series episodes, I take the average 50 minute lecture and reduce it to its core points. The result is a series of very condensed episodes, but if you need to cram for an exam, getting an entire semester in merely 8 hours just may be what you need!


If there's something you'd like to hear, let me know and I will make it either as a single episode or a lecture series.


Tentative Schedule:

May - Assorted Episodes

Episode 07 (15 May 2020) : Medieval Jokes: Dirty Riddles and Farting

Episode 08 (22 May 2020): Medieval Beasts: Hobgoblins

Episode 09 (29 May 2020): Medieval Religion: The Role of Birds in Medieval Thought


June - Medieval Murderers and Serial Killers

Episode 10 (5 June 2020): Giles de Rais - Bluebeard

Episode 11 (12 June 2020): Fredegund - The Killer of Queens

Episode 12 (19 June 2020): Alice Kyteler - The Witch of Kilkenny

Episode 13 (26 June 2020): Peter Stumpp - The Werewolf of Bedburg


Tentative Schedule for Lecture Series (20-30 episodes per series):

Charlemagne (June 2020)

The Vikings (July 2020)

Anglo-Saxon England (August 2020)

Early Medieval Ireland (September 2020)